Friday, November 17, 2006

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Bills Win!!!

Friends, it was a great weekend: saw family, saw friends, vices were indulged upon and the Bills won!
Shayne, Lou and I drove 13.5hours through the states to get to Ste-Catharines. One way cost us $20US in tolls. Fucking tolls!!! Got there very early a.m. and slept the rest of the day. We stayed the weekend at cousin Richard le char (thanks again for everything Ritchie). Jay met up with us on Saturday. We watched alot of football, Ali G, MTV and drank alot of beer. We attempted to have a Playstation Basketball tournement going at 4a.m... that didn't work out as planned.

On game day(Sunday), we got up at 7a.m. for a 1p.m. game. Yeah tailgate!!! We were following my cousins from Ste Catharines but fuckers did not wait for us. HEY ASSHOLES WAIT NEXT TIME!!! Needless to say, we had no idea where we were going. But we did get there eventually, although not before stopping at the duty free for some beers.

Licence plate of cousins who did not wait for us. Big fans or what?

We got there finally. We found a parking sport near Bills' Superfan Kenny. We found my cousins not far trom there. It's quite surprising we did find them because there are acres and acres of tailgaiting parties.

Now a few words on Bill's Superfan Kenny...

Kenny has not missed a game for 205 games! That inlcudes pre-season games, regular season games, playoff games AND away games, away games!!! Crazy bastard is THE Super-fan.

During every game at around 11:15 a.m., he will go through the ketchup motion, where a fan will spray, or attempt to spray Kenny's burger. as you can see the consequences are somewhat humurous.

Kenny before ketchup and mustard: Kenny with ketchup and mustard.

Not only that, but Kemmy will have his "crew" make breakfast and shooters in a bowling ball for anyone who wishes it. For FREE!!! He truly is an institution.

owling Ball Shooter. You go girl!!!

After the tailgaiting, we made our way to the Stadium while finishing our tasty beverages. We watched the game in great spirits. Much cheering went on. Although Lou looked depressed most of the game: he is a Packers fan. The fact that Favre made some stupid plays did not help either.

Favre getting ready to make a stupid play.

In order to avoid the traffic after the game, we continued tailgating for a while. Cuz Richtie was too lazy to make his way to the toilets. All in all, it was a great time. Although the 13 hour drive back was a bit painful. We could barely see straight by the time we got home.

Next chapter: Erik spends a weekend in Ottawa.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Great Debate...

Only a few days until the Bills host the Packers.
The only question right now is: who is going to win?

Green Bay Packers
The visiting Packers have a a 3-4 record, inching away to a winning season. Their road record is actually not bad with 2-1. They have a 2 win streak and are hoping to up that to 3 this weekend. And considering they are playing the Bills, they might actually end the weekend with a win, although the Bills seem to have an all right defence.

Buffalo Bills
The hosting Bills have an even worse record with 2-5. They suck at home, they suck on the road, they suck with a 3 game losing streak. They appear to suck all 'round. Right now, irrate fans and desperation are their only incentives for a win; it's not pride, 'cause they lost that a few years back. You can't win games on a good tailgate party alone!!!

So, who is going to win?
We will see in a few days!!!