Thursday, October 26, 2006

Buffalo Bills Mania!

Hello folks, sorry to not have written for some time but we just have been staying put for the last little while (although I am still waiting for Natalie to put our photos up on Flickr). This post, and next posts, will mostly touch on my up-coming trip to Buffalo to see the Green Bay Packer play against the Buffalo Bills. Last time I went to Buffalo, I went with my brother and a bunch of my cousins to see a 1:30pm game. We got there shortly before 9am and I felt we got there late!!! NFL tailgate parties are crazy. By the time we got there, some people were already passed out, steaks were cooking, people were doing shots and the list of vices goes on...Hopefully, this time will be no different.
Will keep you posted.
PS-the photo above fairly depicts where we are sitting.