Wednesday, May 20, 2009

NYC - Natalie

Thursday morning 8am: arrive to a rainy day in New York. Think to self: wow...simply fucking wow!

Thursday morning about 9:30am: soldering through a pre-booked double-decker bus tour. Feel very dorky, but wow...also COLD and WET and this guy's head is really very shiny.

Thursday morning noon: note to front desk staff at Doubletree, please please PLEASE do not tell us to come back for our room until it is ACTUALLY ready. Thank you!

Thursday late afternoon: all previous angst replaced by intense desire to relocate to this City. Start imagining how I could sell this to MD.

Thursday 3pm: hotel still not ready...but it's hard to be really angry when you are seeing things like this....*le sigh* And, why did I not buy that shirt from Banana Republic when I had a chance? Am sometimes too cheap, *double sigh*

Friday morning about 11am: up bright and early,...this day is going to be great!

Friday afternoon: Circle K cruise, feeling happy, light and free...also staggeringly exhausted and wondering how on earth we will find energy required to see entire island in 4 days. Also, doing mental math concerning relocation costs.

Saturday morning: First stop of the day is Ground Zero. Saw this note, had a hard time keeping it together. Didn't expect to feel so emotional.

Watched a fireman work around a truck located in front of Ground Zero construction site, had to resist urge to hug him. Almost like an out of body experience.

Saturday 1pm: pre-Canal street purse adventure, trying to imagine what life must be like as an immigrant. Hard, yet full of so much promise.

Saturday 1:30pm: wondering why Little Italy (1 block away from Chinatown) seems so much more civilized than Chinatown...maybe has something to do with cannoli, or then again maybe it's because no one is assaulting one another with the promise of fake leather goods.

Saturday 5pm: feet legs and back hurt....yet must....go....on.

Sunday 10:30am: thinking that Central Park has to be one of the happiest places on earth, also, WTF is this guy doing with 5 dogs?

Sunday 11am: 5th avenue is full of magical places AND dichotomies. Felt like schoolgirl in the elevator at Tiffany & Co.

Sunday 11:05am: briefly wonder what it would be like to be independently wealthy and actually stay at the Plaza....then get a little sad that this will never happen, related: buy lotto tickets more often.

Sunday noon: So hungry I could eat a horse, or a metal model car, or both. Related, why doesn't anyone know where Serendipity III is? And I wonder if John Cusack will be there?

Sunday 5pm: wonder if it's normal that I cried for most of production. Also, SEE Billy Elliott, no really. See it if you can and bring tissues.

And finally, my awesome, fun, creative and completely wonderful long-time, long-lost fabulous friends. I miss you already! Next time let's bring better shoes and more money!