Sunday, September 13, 2009

Part 1 - Québec and Ontario - Family and Friends

Working on the same day you leave for vacation can be really difficult. Working on the same day as you leave for vacation is probably not a good idea!... This past Thursday was no exception to this rule. Enter two hurried, stressed and did I mention hurried people....and you get a picture of the way our vacation started. Thank god we started packing three weeks ago....what neither of us can figure out is how we still ended up forgetting things. Why is vacationing so hard sometimes?

After a smoother than anticipated drive (Felix-wise) we stopped our first night in Québec city to visit with dear friends G. and G. The evening turned into ALOT of late night laughter. The next morning (which started a bit too early) made way for a great stroll through Québec City, breakfast and time spent at a local park. It was the perfect way to start a vacation. Here's an attempt at a family picture.... you may notice that "Someone" didn't want to stay still for the picture (Erik is such a brat sometimes! Heh!)

Here is HUGE cross at a location which is THOUGHT to be the landing place of Samuel de Champlain.

Made it to Northern Ontario in great time...and MOST surprisingly had to make almost NO stops except for gas. Narrowly avoided a head-on collision BUT realized that kid will likely NOT cry if he has a backseat buddy. Also, spent considerable amount of time questioning whether our Felix was indeed abducted by aliens and replaced with newer, easier baby. Odd...and incredibly pleasant. Discovered that the kid is COMPLETELY obsessed with trucks and tractors....OBSESSED.


In Cochrane, we went to see some pretty awesome Polar Bears. Entertaining and awe-inspiring. Also entertaining = the fact that "Someone" thinks that all animals are called "doggies". (Erik does know all of his numbers tho! Heh!)


Spent some time visiting things around town....

Spent some time visiting the back yard....(life in a Northern town can be quite glorious at times...)

And last...but not least...spent alot of time on the floor (mostly sober)....laughing and playing.

Vacation has started fact, one might even say VERY well.

Natalie, Erik & Felix