Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Great Debate...

Only a few days until the Bills host the Packers.
The only question right now is: who is going to win?

Green Bay Packers
The visiting Packers have a a 3-4 record, inching away to a winning season. Their road record is actually not bad with 2-1. They have a 2 win streak and are hoping to up that to 3 this weekend. And considering they are playing the Bills, they might actually end the weekend with a win, although the Bills seem to have an all right defence.

Buffalo Bills
The hosting Bills have an even worse record with 2-5. They suck at home, they suck on the road, they suck with a 3 game losing streak. They appear to suck all 'round. Right now, irrate fans and desperation are their only incentives for a win; it's not pride, 'cause they lost that a few years back. You can't win games on a good tailgate party alone!!!

So, who is going to win?
We will see in a few days!!!