Tuesday, December 19, 2006

San Francisco: Waits with charms unfoldin'

Source: http://bergoiata.org/fe/californie-paysages/25.htm

In a short couple of days, Erik and I are lucky enough to find ourselves traveling to the city by the Bay for the Christmas holidays. We'll arrive in San Francisco on Thursday evening and will stay for approximately one week and then we'll be off to Vancouver for the remainder of the trip to spend some time with the brother in law (Hi Serge) and spend some more time exploring another cool city. We'll be accompanied by two good friends who will ensure trouble, laughter and great memories.

We're not really sure what SF has to offer (aside from Trolleys, Bridges, Wharves and Burlesque) but we're keen to find out and anxious to go exploring. We do have a few things figured out though....we know we're staying here (which we are super psyched about) and we've officially planned a trip to here. We've also bought tickets to see these guys on Christmas Eve (Yes, you can all say it now, I am the best wife EVER, period). The rest is up in the air...I love these kinds of trips.

Anyone reading ever been there? Any suggestions?